Transportation Law

Do business with confidence. Our dedicated transportation law practice serves vendors, transportation companies and corporate consumers shipping costly or essential items.

We handle contracts for all types of businesses, nonprofits, agricultural interests, government entities and other groups. Since transportation intersects with many other areas of law, our breadth of experience works to your advantage.

Our Services

We make sure all aspects of your transportation contract are handled diligently. Our lawyers represent shipping companies, consignors, vendors, corporate purchasers of delivered goods and other parties in transportation law matters.

We help you negotiate and draw up contracts on all aspects of shipping, including costs, property damage liability and potential breach issues. We also make sure your company is in compliance with regulations, and we handle disputes over liability for property damage, personal injuries and damages incurred due to late delivery. While most cases can be resolved through negotiations, we are experienced litigators who can take your case to court as necessary.