Renewable Energy Law

When it comes to renewable energy, several factors complicate matters—landowners, nonprofits, corporate entities, the local community, municipal laws and federal regulations.

We represent clients from all contingencies on renewable energy. We’ve handled transactions involving wind farms, anaerobic digestion, solar energy and other renewable resources. We’ve also provided sound legal counsel, transactional representation and dispute resolution on land use and zoning, business formation, funding, partnering and other issues.

Land Use and Zoning Issues 

Building a wind farm or any other type of renewable energy facility can be controversial. While proponents point to the benefits of harnessing natural energy, opponents say a wind farm is an eyesore that can harm animals and create noise pollution.

We represent clients in complex zoning and land use issues involving renewable energy. We know the land use laws and regulations in this area, and we have experience working with municipal boards to obtain approval and remain in compliance.

Business Formation 

We help clients establish for profit and nonprofit energy companies to maximize potential tax breaks. We also help landowners negotiate with entities involved in renewable energy.

Our attorneys can assist you with funding, partnering, filing a new business entity with the Secretary of State, securing land, lease contracts and related matters. If you are interested in starting a renewable energy company, talk with our team.

Ongoing Counsel 

After starting a new business, nonprofit, or entering a lease agreement with an energy company, you need a trusted law firm to protect your interests. We provide ongoing counsel for energy companies, nonprofits, landowners and other parties engaged in renewable energy initiatives.