Estate Administration & Litigation

If a family member has passed away and you are charged with settling the estate or managing a trust, we can help. We provide full-service, cost-effective legal guidance to help you close the estate in a timely manner.

We also represent beneficiaries, creditors, excluded heirs or others in probate litigation.

Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

Our attorneys have extensive experience in estate administration under the probate laws of Indiana. We advise executors and trustees under the terms of a person’s will or trust. In the absence of a will, we advise personal representatives appointed to probate the estate. We can take over the role or assist you as needed for intervention or interpretation. We also help with marshaling assets, paying creditors, liquidations, distributions to heirs, taxes of the estate and final accounting and reporting or similar duties of administering a trust.

Probate Litigation

If the validity of will or estate assets are called into question, we are experienced trial lawyers who have litigated numerous will contests. We represent the named heirs, family members who were unexpectedly disinherited, the estate or the executor/personal representative. We can negotiate solutions to keep the family peace or stand up for your interests in a probate court trial.

We also represent banks when they are creditors, trustees or estate representatives, as in bankruptcy and receivership situations.