Commercial & Lending Transactions

We support business enterprise and growth in Indiana by helping banks loan money with greater confidence.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in commercial lending transactions, preparing business loan documents on behalf of local banks and other lenders in northern Indiana.

We welcome inquiries from lenders and borrowers regarding our services in this niche area of the law.

Lender Representation

We have extensive experience in real estate transactions and land use and development. We also handle a range of business mergers and acquisitions. So we help you better serve commercial borrowers with the knowledge that we are protecting your interests, as well.

Our attorneys have prepared loan documentation for projects of all sizes, from small loans with unique collateral to multimillion-dollar loans for major commercial development. We provide drafting, review and modification of commercial lending documents, including due diligence, title review, survey review, collateral and security agreements.

Borrower Representation

We provide counsel and prepare opinion letters for borrowers, including out-of-state developers or corporations working with Indiana lenders in commercial lending transactions.