Appellate Law & Briefs

Few firms handle land use and zoning litigation like we do. Even fewer handle appeals of those decisions.

We pick up where other attorneys leave off by taking civil litigation appeals to state and federal appellate courts—clarifying gray areas of the law and changing the legal landscape for developers and land owners alike.


We handle appeals of cases that are referred by other attorneys, as well as appeals in the natural progression of our own litigation. We have prosecuted and defended cases before local trial courts, the Indiana Court of Appeals, and in federal appeals in the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Among our success stories, we helped appeal zoning and rezoning decisions by local governmental entities that resulted in significant barriers to development. We prevailed twice before the Indiana Court of Appeals in our landmark City of New Haven v. Flying J Inc. ruling, establishing protections for developers that cannot be eliminated after projects have begun. In another notable appeal, we helped define “substantial evidence” for the first time in zoning denials, ending opponents’ ability to delay projects based on unfounded objections.

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