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Protecting your company’s intellectual property rights

Intellectual property is a broad issue among business owners and companies in Indiana and throughout the United States. It includes patents, trademarks, copyrights and any type of idea or concept develop by a business. Because it covers such a wide area in commercial and business law, understanding it all can be a difficult task for business owners. Fortunately, our Fort Wayne based law firm can help business owners understand more about intellectual property law and how it can be used as an advantage in the commercial world.

Intellectual property is the type of property that arises from the fruits of mental labor. Because anyone can claim an idea to another person, the legal system provides protection to the owners of that idea. The protection and rights of intellectual property owners are based upon trademarks, federal patents and copyright laws. Each law is different, but all ensure that no one can steal or copy an individual’s original idea.

Patents safeguard inventions of tangible things, while trademarks protect a name or symbol that signifies a source of goods and services of a company. Copyrights protect different forms of artistic and writing expressions, such as stories and business logos. Our law firm has in-depth knowledge of intellectual property laws and how they can effectively protect a company and its creations.

Intellectual properties are essentially assets of the company. We have ways of protecting and utilizing IP assets for the competitive advantage of our clients. Our years of experience in dealing with intellectual property issues and cases may put our clients at an advantage.