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Guiding Indiana residents through business formation

Starting up a business may sound easy for many Indiana residents. However, if one person decides to put up all their savings for the business he or she wants to build, the process requires knowledge in the business and commercial world, as well as the risks and legal consequences associated with it.

When people decide to start a business, they usually have a great idea and enough money to invest in the venture. Some people prefer to build a business with other family members and even partners who might not be involved in the day to day business operations. Nonetheless, the law that applies in business formation and planning may vary and depends upon the given the situation. One wrong decision when starting up a business can be disastrous.

Fortunately, our Indiana-based firm is knowledgeable about the issues related to business planning and formation. Businesses can be built through family limited partnerships, partnerships or sole proprietorships. Each requires a different approach to the building process and the legal responsibilities and potential liabilities associated with it. For example, choosing a wrong type of business may make a person liable for the wrongdoings of their employees and business partners.

Our firm can also provide adequate information regarding registering, licensing and obtaining permits for a business. Business owners should also be mindful of state laws that apply to business entity so that they can protect their interests and entity. Our years of experience in handling cases regarding business disputes and formation can give our clients a great advantage.