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Customers complain about Indiana business

Indiana businesses often have to deal with the demands of other people. In most cases, these are customers that the business is trying to please. Without customer support, Indiana businesses may not be successful in the end.

However, problems between businesses and customers are common. Issues arise that can create tension and lead to business litigation. In many cases, contract disputes are at the heart of the issue with customers. Someone may have misunderstood contract terms, or contract terms may have been ignored. Whatever the issue, even a simple misunderstanding can have serious legal consequences.

Recently, several customers have complained about one Indiana business. The party-rental business signed contracts with customers to deliver party supplies — bounce houses, dunk tanks and other large equipment — for birthday parties. These customers claimed that they signed a contract with the company and paid a deposit for the services.

Nonetheless, customers say that the company cancelled on them at the last minute. In one case, the customer claims that the company owner claimed to have been in a car accident and unable to perform on the contract. In another case, the company cancelled because of the threat of bad weather, which apparently never came. Now, these customers are claiming that they never received a refund for the deposits that they placed on the party equipment. The company claims that refunds are for coming.

Complaints against a business — like those in this case — can lead to legal problems. But, with the right help, a solution may be possible that keeps the parties out of court. This can be important for businesses since litigation is not only distracting, but time consuming and costly.

Source: FOX 59, “Customers demand refunds from Indiana party rental business for canceled events,” Aishah Hasnie, June 19, 2015